Saturday, 19 February 2011

Welcome to Royston Vasey

People would be more interested in getting involved in a 'Big Community' than in the 'Big Society', according to research published this week.

There's not much sign of enthusiasm for 'Localism' either, so perhaps that term also needs another look.

The default unit of localism in the Localism Bill is the parish - we still have parish councils in some places, generally in the countryside, but not in others. The adjective associated with a parish is parochial. So perhaps Parochialism would be a better word for what is intended? Certainly as far as 'neighbourhood planning' is concerned, it would convey the likely flavour more accurately.

But there is also something called 'community planning' - which starts to sound a bit more like something useful.

The planning system suffers from too many words and not enough pictures, but the choice of words is still important.

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